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Event Hook: GatherInformation
Stage: Information Gathering Stage

This event hook allows addons to populate additional fields in a Request Form (e.g., DOI, ISSN, etc.). 

Event Hook: GenerateFulfillmentData
Stage: Fulfillment Data Generation Stage

This event hook allows addons to generate fulfillment options for the request (e.g., item availability, cost, format), each creating a single FulfillmentData record in the FufillmentData Table of the Request Form.

It is recommended that any addons that register for this event hook should also register to the AutomationDecision event hook.

Event Hook: EvaluateBusinessRules
Stage: Business Rule Evaluation Stage

This event hook allows addons to override the results of running pre-defined business rules with its own business rules. These addons are given access to the Recommendation record with the result of the business rules. From there, he addon is responsible for recording their own recommendations on the record. If no addons register to this event hook, then the business rules will be evaluated as normal.

Event Hook: AutomationDecision
Stage: Automation Decision Stage

This event hook allows addons to perform actions for the request without requiring staff intervention or review of the request. For example, sending the request to an external system such as Rapid or Relais for fulfillment. The automation occurs when a specific fulfillment option has been met and the request has been routed to Awaiting Pipeline Sending.