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Aeon v5.1 Improvements

Several improvements have been added to the embedded Chromium browser used by addons to include the following: 
  • Storing any login sessions at the per-user level - If an addon requires the user to log in to a web page, that login will be stored (for that Aeon user only) in the local AppData cache, so the user will not have to log in each time they open a new transaction.
  • Optional 'private mode' flag added to the CreateBrowser Command. This method now has the following parameters:
    • Required: 
      • Name - The name of the new browser. This value will be used as the text for the browser tab.
      • Label - The text to use for the Browser control's label.
      • PageName - The name to use for the page the browser's buttons will be placed on.
    • Optional:
      • BrowserType - If blank, the browser will be IE. If "Chromium", the browser will be Chromium.
      • PrivateMode - If true, the browser cache will be deleted every time the browser is closed. If false, the browser will store the cache across sessions. Default value: false.
  • Ability to delete cookies - If this is called, all cookies will be deleted. 
  • Ability to download files, including PDFs. When choosing to download a file through the embedded browser, the Chromium download handler will prompt the user with a standard save file dialog.