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Staff can manage Addon settings in the ILLiad client. Under the System tab on the Main page, there is a Manage Addons button. This button opens a Manage Addons form with a list of all installed Addons.

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The Home Ribbon

The Home ribbon of the Manage Addon form holds buttons for the Options and Addon Settings groups.

Reset CacheSearches for the latest version of Addons at the remote location defined
by the AddonDirectory key. Use this when you are in the client and
download a new Addon, or if you are making changes to an Addon.
Save SettingsSaves changes made to the Active button (Yes/No) and changes made
using the Reset Settings button.
Reset SettingsSettings revert back to their default values.


The Reset Cache function is also enabled when you click the Save Settings button. Any changes made to an active Addon while you are in the client will be seen when you open the Request form.

The List of Addons

The Manage Addons form lists each Addon by Name, Author and Version. The Active column displays a checkbox showing which Addons are currently active. You make Addons active using the Active button in the settings pane. The Description column provides a brief explanation of the function of the Addon.

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The Addon Settings

By default, all supplied Addons are set to inactive. Using the settings within each Addon you determine if the Addon is active and visible on the Request form. If the Addon is active, you can decide whether it automatically searches for the item when you open the request. Addon settings are displayed in the bottom half of the form in the settings pane. When you click on an Addon in the list, the left side of the settings pane displays information for that Addon. The information is the same as what you see above in the Addon list. Included in this information is the Active Button.

The Active Button

Use the Active button to turn the Addon on and off.

  • Clicking YES turns the Addon on and allows it to display on the Request form.
  • Clicking NO turns the Addon off. The Addon will not display when No is selected.

Use the Save Settings button to save changes to the Active button.

Editing Addon Settings

Addon settings are shown in a grid below the list of Addons and include the Setting NameValueType and Description. Each Addon has its own unique settings based on how the Addon was written. Individual Addon settings values are edited here. To change the setting values, change the checkbox or text box to the desired value and save your changes using Save Settings. Use the Reset Settings button to reset the settings to their default values.


Note that the Reset Settings button does not change the value of the Active button, only the setting values listed in the grid.