Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) Addons

The Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) Addons were created to utilize with the Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) in ILLiad. These addons, when used in conjunction with the DSP feature, can help configure ILLiad to automate the borrowing request process for both articles and loans.

Installation and Configuration

These are Server Addons that are specific to DSP workflows. They are installed in the Customization Manager, but also require additional business and routing rule configuration. For information on installing and using DSP Addons, see Configuring the Decision Support Pipeline.

Creating DSP Addons

Atlas provides a reference guide for addon developers who are creating addons for the Decision Support Pipeline (DSP). You can access this guide at Decision Support Pipeline Development.

Atlas and OCLC do not support default addons or user-created addons. If you need assistance with using, troubleshooting, or writing addons, please contact Atlas Systems for a custom services quote.

The ILLiad Best Practices forum is an ideal community resource where you can talk with and ask questions of other ILLiad users.