ILLiad Internet Archive Server Addon

This is a Server Addon and is installed using the ILLiad Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring Server Addons for more information. 

If you have successfully configured this addon but have suddenly started experiencing errors, please check the following URL to determine if the Internet Archive API is temporarily down:


Internet Archive Server Addon




Atlas Systems, Inc.


Queries the Internet Archive API to determine if an ILLiad request can be filled by the Internet Archive.


Download zip file:


When configuring and using this addon, please note that the Internet Archive can only supply nonreturnable materials.











The base URL for the Internet Archive API.




The ID of the row in the ILLiad WebPlatformConfig table containing the API key to be used by the Internet Archive.



Awaiting Internet Archive Sending

The queue used to monitor for requests to send to the Internet Archive.



Awaiting Internet Archive Review

The queue to which requests are routed for manual review when the Internet Archive API returns a No response.



Internet Archive Error

The queue to which requests are routed when there is an error in processing the request.


Once configured, the addon will perform the following workflow illustrated and outlined below:

Internet Archive Addon workflow chart


  1. The addon will monitor a queue defined in the MonitoredQueue addon settings (default: Awaiting Internet Archive Sending).

  2. When a request enters the MonitoredQueue, the server addon will query the Internet Archive API using the values of the ILLiad request fields specified in DataMapping.lua (including but not limited to ISBN/ISSN, Title, Author, Volume, Issue, and Publication Date).

  3. Based on the query, a response of No or Maybe will be returned:

    1. For an API response of No, requests will be moved to the queue defined by ReviewQueue (default: Awaiting Internet Archive Review) for staff review to send to another lender.

    2. For an API response of Maybe, requests will be routed to Request Sent.

  4. After the request has been moved to the Request Sent, Internet Archive will process the request manually to determine if it can be filled and perform one of the following options outside of the addon's built-in workflows:

    1. If the request can be filled, Internet Archive will supply the item via Odyssey.

      1. See the Automating Electronic Delivery with Odyssey Trusted Sender section below for information on automating the delivery of the item to the patron.

    2. If the request cannot be filled, Internet Archive will use the ILLiad API to mark the request as unfilled and route the request to Awaiting Unfilled Processing.

Automating Electronic Delivery with Odyssey Trusted Sender

Enabling Trusted Sender for the Internet Archive is the recommended workflow for this addon. If Trusted Sender is not enabled, the files delivered via Odyssey for requests fulfilled by the addon will have to be manually matched to the request, processed, and delivered to the patron using the Electronic Delivery Utility.

The Internet Archive can be added as an Odyssey Trusted Sender to automate the delivery of the electronic document to the patron on the web for requests that are successfully fulfilled through the addon. If Trusted Sender is configured, the requested document will be delivered to the patron through the ILLiad web pages once supplied by the Internet Archive and the ILLiad request status will be automatically updated to Delivered to Web without manual intervention by ILL staff.

To enable this functionality, a basic lender address record should be created for the Internet Archive with the following information (at minimum):

See Adding and Modifying Address Records for steps on adding a new lender address record. For complete information on configuring the Odyssey Trusted Sender functionality, see Odyssey Trusted Sender.

Field Name


Field Name




Library Name

Internet Archive

Odyssey Address

Trusted Sender?


Note that this option can be left unchecked if your OdysseyAutoElecDel customization key is set to Always.

Shipping Address

The Internet

An example lender record for the Internet Archive
An example lender record for the Internet Archive