Aeon NCIP Barcode Lookup Addon

NameNCIP Barcode Lookup Addon
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionAn NCIP Barcode Lookup Addon that uses a barcode to perform an NCIP item lookup and import the data returned into Ares, Aeon, and ILLiad
Custom Fields SupportNo


This addon is available for developers to modify and extend. Developers are encouraged to submit changes to this addon by forking the git repository from and creating a pull request.



Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

The default configuration settings will take the barcode from the Item.ItemBarcode field and will import CallNumber, ISXN, Title, ArticleTitle, Author, Edition, Place, PublicationDate, Pages, Publisher.

NCIP Responder URL

The URL to the Alma NCIP Responder.
NCIP Agency ID

The Agency ID to use when performing NCIP LookupItem requests.
Allow Overwrite With Blank Value

If turned on, empty values from the NCIP response will overwrite any existing data.

Note: Non-empty responses will always overwrite existing data.

Fields to Import
CallNumber, ISXN, Title,
ArticleTitle, Author, Edition,
Place, PublicationDate, Pages,

This is a comma separated lists of the fields to import from the NCIP response into the current product.

The name of each field corresponds to the MappingName located in the DataMapping.lua file.

Field to Perform Lookup With

This is the field in which the barcode is read from.

You may specify a custom field or leave it as {Default} which will use the field outlined in DataMapping.lua.

The first value is the table in the database and the second value is the column.