The Grid control allows addons to display, and users to interact with, large sets of related data all at once.


  • FieldName: A string representing the name of the field. This can be used for retrieving the control.
  • GridControl: Returns the underlying grid control that is managed by this object.
  • Label: A string representing the label that should be displayed beside the field on the form.
  • LabelVisible: A boolean value representing whether or not the label should be displayed.
  • PrimaryTable: The DataTable object that is currently being used as the grid's primary table.
  • TypeName: A string representing the full name of the control type.


  • AddRelation(DataTable table, string relationName, DataColumn parent, DataColumn child): This method is used to display master-detail relationships in a grid. The PrimaryTable property should be set first, and then AddRelation should be used to create the relationship between the PrimaryTable and any child tables. This is only necessary if the DataSet containing the PrimaryTable does not already have relationships defined.

    inputtableThe table that should be added as a child of the primary table.
    inputrelationNameThe name that should be used as a reference for this relationship (ie: FK_OrdersProducts)
    inputparentThe DataColumn from the parent table that should be used for identifying the relationship between a parent row and child rows.
    inputchildThe DataColumn from the child table that should be used for identifying the relationship between child rows and their parent row.