Form Elements

The form element controls allow addon developers to place different types of user interface controls such as text boxes, drop-down lists, radio button groups, etc on forms created by addons. There are currently eight user interface controls available to be placed on forms in the addon system. Each of these controls allows users to input or view information in a different way, and, while the controls shared certain properties, many of the controls have properties that are unique to that particular control type. The following is a list of the eight controls currently available.

  • IE Browser: Displays and manages interaction with a web browser
  • CheckEdit: Displays a check box
  • ComboBoxEdit: Displays a drop down list
  • Grid: Displays a grid for viewing and interacting with large sets of data
  • ListBox: Displays a list of options from which one or more selections can be made
  • MemoEdit: Displays a large text box which allows multi-line entry
  • RadioGroup: Displays a list of options with a radio button beside each
  • TextEdit: Displays a single line text box