ILLiad Reprints Desk Unmediated Server Addon

This is a Server Addon and is installed using the ILLiad Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring ILLiad Server Addons for more information.

NameReprints Desk Unmediated Addon


AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe Reprints Desk Unmediated addon enables unmediated ordering of full-text research papers from Reprints Desk ( that are available at reduced copyright royalty rates and in native PDF format. The addon facilitates price-by-article lookups, browsing through a growing list of participating publishers and publications that can be sorted by copyright price ranges, and easy article ordering. Document delivery fulfillment and customer support are available 24/7.



  1. The addon will check for requests in the MonitorQueue waiting to be processed.
  2. An estimate of charges will be retrieved using the Reprints Desk API. The estimate is provided based on ILLiad request citation information. If the estimate is greater than the MaximumEstimatedCharges setting value, the addon will route the ILLiad request to the queue defined by the ExceedsMaximumChargeQueue setting with a note to indicate what the estimated charges are. No additional processing will be performed on the request. Staff should then mediate the request to determine the best fulfillment option.
  3. When the estimate is less than or equal to the MaximumEstimatedCharges, the addon will place an order for the request using the Reprints Desk API. The order information will include the ILLiad transaction number for automated fulfillment via Odyssey. An ILLiad history entry will be added to indicate that the request was placed with Reprints Desk and the ILLiad request will be routed to the queue defined by the OrderPlacedQueue setting.


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

UseReprintsDeskProductionServerBooleantrueSet to FALSE for staging server. Set to TRUE for production server.
MonitorQueueStringAwaiting RD Unmediated ProcessingAwaiting RD Unmediated Processing
The login username for accessing the Reprints Desk API.
The login password for accessing the Reprints Desk API.
MaximumEstimatedChargesString50.00The maximum estimated charge from ReprintsDesk allowed for unmediated processing. Enter a numeric value without the currency symbol ($).
ChargesFieldStringMaxCostThe transaction field where the estimated cost is stored.
ExceedsMaximumChargeQueueStringUnmediated Reprints Desk Error - ExceedsIf the estimated charges exceed the value defined by the MaximumEstimatedCharges setting, the ILLiad request will be routed to this queue.
OrderPlacedQueueStringRequest SentRequest Sent

The ILLiad transaction field that should store the Reprints Desk Order ID.


Prevents recycling the same transaction after it has failed once.

The lending library assigned to the ILLiad request when the order was placed successfully. A lender address with this symbol should already be defined. For example REPRINTSDESK.
FailureQueueStringUnmediated Reprints Desk Error

If an error is encountered while processing orders, the ILLiad request will be routed to this queue with a note to indicate the error.

NotePrefixStringUnmediated Reprints Desk -Unmediated Reprints Desk - 

Reprints Desk Configuration & Testing

Contact your Reprints Desk representative to obtain an API Username and Password.

Reprints Desk understands the need for testing and will work with sites to cancel test requests during initial implementation. To avoid billing for test requests, contact Reprints Desk customer support to ensure all test requests are canceled.

Institutions should ensure that Reprints Desk has the correct Odyssey Server information for fulfillment.

Routing Rules

For automated workflows, a routing rule can be created to automatically route requests meeting institution specific criteria to the MonitorQueue. Multiple routing rules can be used depending on criteria, like examining the journal's publication year. 

Access Service Concierge

Access Service Concierge customers can request help setting up more complex routing rules for automated addon workflows.

Example Routing Rule

The following routing rule would route requests from the Awaiting Copyright Clearance queue to the addon's MonitorQueue for Faculty and if the ISSN is for 1 of 3 specific ISSN's.

Routing Rule FieldRouting Rule Value
TransactionStatusAwaiting Copyright Clearance 

t.RequestType = 'Article' AND u.Status = 'Faculty' AND TRIM(REPLACE(t.ISSN,'-','')) IN ('03861112','2451943X','24523062')

NewTransactionStatusAwaiting Reprints Desk Unmediated Processing
RuleDescriptionMoves faculty requests for Elsevier titles for unmediated expedited processing 

For institutions operating from SQL Server 2017 or a prior version, the match string will need to use a combination of LTRIM and RTRIM instead of using TRIM.

For example: t.RequestType = 'Article' AND u.Status = 'Faculty' AND LTRIM(RTRIM(REPLACE(t.ISSN,'-','')) IN ('03861112','2451943X','24523062')