ILLiad A-Z DocDel by Reprints Desk Addon

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NameA-Z DocDel by Reprints Desk
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc. for Reprints Desk
DescriptionThe A-Z Document Delivery Collection addon by Reprints Desk ( enables ordering of full-text research papers that are available at reduced copyright royalty rates and in native PDF format. The addon facilitates price-by-article lookups, browsing through a growing list of participating publishers and publications that can be sorted by copyright price ranges, and easy article ordering.  Document delivery fulfillment and customer support are available 24/7.


Download zip file:

Release Notes

Release notes are available for A-Z DocDel by Reprints Desk v1.4 and later.
  • v1.4:
    • Improved the addon's logging and error-handling functionality:
      • Requests to and responses from the Reprints Desk web service are now logged by the addon for troubleshooting purposes.
      • Error response details are now logged by the addon and displayed to the user.


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

Settings Validation

As of version 1.3, the addon checks the Username, Password, and Email settings and displays a message to the user if any of those settings are blank. The message is also logged.

FirstNameStringDelivery Profile First Name
LastNameStringDelivery Profile Last Name
CompanyNameStringDelivery Profile Company Name
Address1StringDelivery Profile Address 1
Address2StringDelivery Profile Address 2
CityStringDelivery Profile City

Delivery Profile State Code
Two character abbreviation. Required if CountryCode is "US"


Delivery Profile State/Province
Required if CountryCode is not "US"

ZipStringDelivery Profile Zip

Delivery Profile Country Code
Two character ISO country code. United States = "US"

PhoneStringDelivery Profile Phone
FaxStringDelivery Profile Fax
EmailStringDelivery Profile Email