ILLiad Amazon Book Searches Addon (WebView2 & Chromium)

This addon will use the WebView2 embedded browser in ILLiad 9.2.5 and above. Otherwise, it will use the Chromium embedded browser. Due to a Chromium bug, there may be display issues on some monitors.

NameAmazon Book Searches
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe Amazon Search for Loans and Price Importer allows you to search Amazon automatically for loan requests using the LoanTitle. When you have selected a book, you can hit the Import Price button to import the price back into ILLiad.


Release Notes

Release notes are available for Amazon Book Searches Addon v1.2.1 and later.
  • v1.2.1:
    • Added support for the WebView2 embedded browser:
      • The addon will now use the WebView2 embedded browser when installed for ILLiad Client v9.2.5 or later. It will use the Chromium embedded browser when installed for previous versions of the ILLiad 9.2 Client that do not support WebView2. Note that due to a Chromium bug, there may be display issues on some monitors when the Chromium browser is used.

    • Improved handling for finding and importing the price for the item from the Amazon item page.


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form. Amazon Book Searches performs an Amazon search for the LoanTitle for loans.

Amazon Book Searches is Not Active by default. To hide the tab on your Request form, select No and Save Settings.

AutoSearchTrueBooleanDefines whether the search should be automatically performed when the form opens.
PriceFieldMaxCostStringDefines what field in the transactions table the price should be saved to.
ImportKindlePricesfalseBooleanDefines whether or not the addon should import prices for Kindle books.
ImportUsedPricesfalseBooleanDefines whether or not the addon should import used book prices when available.

Using this Addon

  1. To use the Amazon Search Addon, click the Amazon tab on the Loan request form.
  2. If Amazon has been set to search automatically for the LoanTitle, the form will open to a list of the search results from Amazon.
  3. Click on the item in Amazon you want to select to bring up that item page.
  4. If this is the item you want to use, you can import the price to your Request form by clicking the Import Price button on the Amazon ribbon. The Import Price button is greyed out until you are on the individual item form. It is enabled when you click to an item form so it can find the price of the selected item.
  5. The Request form opens to the Details tab and the Amazon price is displayed in the Max Cost (default setting) field under Item Information.
  6. If the search is not set to start automatically, you will see a blank page instead of a list of Amazon Search results.
  7. Start the search by clicking the Search button on the Amazon Books ribbon.
  8. Use the BackForwardStop and Refresh buttons in the Amazon Books ribbon to move between pages, refresh pages and stop loading a page.