Aeon Class Request Tool Addon

NameClass Request Tool
Version1.0, 2.0
AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.

The Class Request Tool addon logs the user into their instance of the Class Request Tool, and allows the user to import data for confirmed classes into Aeon's Event Form.

Custom Fields SupportNo

See Harvard's documentation about the Class Request Tool for more information.



After downloading the file, unzip it and save the unzipped folder to the Aeon Addon folder (C:\Users\Atlas\Documents\Aeon\Addons).

Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form (found under the System tab).

AutoLogonTrueBooleanDefines whether the staff user should be logged on automatically when the Events form opens.
StringClass Request Tool URL
UsernameblankStringUsername for Class Request Tool URL
PasswordblankStringPassword for Class Request Tool URL