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Release Notes


Release notes are available for Aeon ArchivesSpace Location Import Server Addon v1.0.3 and later.

  • v1.0.3:

    • Fixed an issue where the addon would not properly dispose of the WebClients used for API calls, which could potentially lead to memory leak issues.

Workflow Summary

For each request in the queue defined by RequestMonitorQueue, the server addon will use the ArchivesSpace API top_containers endpoint to import the _resolved.title of the first current container_location retrieved to the Aeon field defined by LocationDestinationField and the request will be routed to SuccessRouteQueue. The method used to do this depends on the addon's configuration. If TopContainerUriField is not blank, the addon can retrieve the location with that field alone. If RepoCodeField is not blank, the Aeon field defined by RepoCodeField is used to first get a list of ArchivesSpace repos by repo_code. The repo ID is then retrieved from the repo with a matching repo_code, and the repo ID and barcode in the Aeon field defined by BarcodeField are used to retrieve the location. If RepoIdMapping is not blank, the mapping is first resolved and the repo ID selected based on the Aeon Site field. The repo ID and barcode defined by BarcodeField are then used to retrieve the location. If more than one of these settings contains a value, TopContainerUriField is prioritized, followed by RepoCodeField, and finally RepoCodeMapping. Requests will be routed to the ErrorRouteQueue in the following cases: