Google Search for Loans and Articles

The Goodle Search Addon performs a generic Google search for the LoanTitle for loans and the PhotoArticleTitle for articles.

Using this Addon

To use the Google Search Addon, click the Google Search tab on the Loan or Article request form.

If Google has been set to search automatically for the LoanTitle or PhotoArticleTitle, the form will open to a list of the search results from Google.

The LoanTitle searched here is The Alchemist.

If the search is not set to start automatically, you will see a blank page instead of a list of Google Search results.

Start the search by clicking the Search button on the Google Search ribbon.

Use the Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh buttons on the Google Search ribbon to move between pages, refresh pages and stop loading a page.

Click on the item in Google you want to select to bring up that item page.


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

See Managing Addon Settings for a description of the settings available for this Addon.


Current Version of this addon is: 1.0

Download the zip file: