Troubleshooting Addons

This page is a guide to common issues relating to Addons and outlines areas to check for common Addon problems.

Troubleshooting Questions

Ask typical troubleshooting questions to determine if the problem is an Addon issue, a computer issue, or an issue with the system the Addon is trying to communicate with.

  • When did this problem start happening?
  • Is this problem happening on every computer?
  • Has anyone made changes to any Addon configuration settings or to any Addon files recently?
  • Are there any other problems with the client (ILLiad, Ares, Aeon) or with the computer?

Addon Settings

In order to make changes to Addons, you must have permissions to do so. See Setting Addon Permissions for more information.

Verify that the Addon is set to be Active and that the settings are correct. In the client, click the Manage Addons button to see the list of installed Addons.

  • Check any Addon-specific settings. These could include URL, username and password, etc. 
  • Read the description of the Addon to make sure no important information has been missed.

If the Addon has been working but suddenly stops working, confirm that the system the Addon is communicating with is not having problems and that configuration values in the Addon are still valid. For example, if the Addon is trying to import data from an OPAC web page and is failing, find out if the web page has been altered. Changes, even minor ones, can impact the Addon's ability to find the correct data.

Addon File Locations and Permissions

Make sure the Addon files are in the correct folders. This varies depending on the product. If files are not in the correct folders, the Addon names will not appear in the Manage Addons form in the client.

  • ILLiad: The Program Files product directory, most likely C:\Program Files\illiad\addons\
  • Ares: The My Documents folder, C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Ares\Addons\
  • Aeon: The Program Files product directory, most likely C:\Program Files\aeon\addons\

Verify that all needed files for an Addon are in place. Each Addon should have at least a config.xml file and a (addon name).lua file.

If all needed files are in place but an error message indicates that a file can't be found, check the file permissions on the Addon files. Make sure that the config.xml file properties for the Addon are not set to Read Only.