Types of Addons

Atlas products support three types of addons: Client Addons, Server Addons, and Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) Addons

Client Addons

Client Addons are designed for workflow situations that involve item-by-item processing and are usually invoked on an item/request record form. For example, a Client Addon could run a web search in a specified catalog for a request automatically when its request form is opened, and then would allow you to update the information in the Client based on those search results. These addons run in the Client and require staff action to initiate. They are installed in a file directory on the local machine and are managed in the Manage Addons form in the Client.

System Addons

System Addons react to certain events in the Client to perform specialized automated processes behind the scenes without staff intervention. These addons will only be activated by Client events on workstations where they are locally installed. For example, a System Addon that is installed on a workstation can use NCIP to check items in and out of your catalog automatically whenever a staff member checks items in from users or marks lending requests as found in the Client on that machine. These are installed and managed as Client Addons.


Server Addons

Server Addons are more powerful and carry out processes such as routing items, sending emails, and adding or removing flags automatically behind the scenes independent of any action performed in the Client. They can evaluate characteristics of requests and affect them in groups, such as through changing requests to a new status or sending emails. The code for these addons is stored in the database rather than in the file system on local machines. They are run by the System Manager at specified time intervals and are installed and managed in the Customization Manager.


Decision Support Pipeline (DSP) Addons

DSP Addons, when used in conjunction with the DSP feature, can help configure ILLiad to automate the borrowing request process for both articles and loans. These are server addons that are specific to DSP workflows. They are installed in the Customization Manager, but also require additional business and routing rule configuration.