Submitting Addons

Following the examples from the supplied Addons, you can write your own Addons for ILLiad. See Creating Addons for details on Addon structure. The Addon scripting language is called LUA, and more information can be found at

Creating Your Addon

When writing a new addon, particularly if you are editing one of the Atlas addons to make your own, be sure to check the following things:

  • Change the author from Atlas Systems to your own name or institution
  • Verify the version number is appropriate for what you're submitting (1.0 etc.)
  • Choose an appropriate name. If your addon will work with all Voyager OPACs, it would better to call it Voyager Searching versus MYLIBCAT Search.
  • Be sure to create variables for values that might be different for other users and not include them in the addon itself. You don't want everyone searching your catalog versus filling out their own values.

Submitting Your Addon

Once you have created a new addon, zip up the folder that contains the Lua and XML files. For example, if you have created a new addon that is in a folder called VoyagerSearch and contains Config.xml and VoyagerSearch.lua, zip up the VoyagerSearch folder to create

Email the zip file to for Atlas Systems to review and then post to the Addons space. If you have any details about how the addon works, be sure to include that in the body of the email.

Atlas reserves the right to modify or remove addons as needed and will attempt to notify the addon authors of modifications or removal when possible.
To facilitate continued addon devolvement, addon developers are encouraged to share their code in a repository (e.g. Github). This will allow others to more easily make modifications to the addon or for the repository to be transferred in the event the original addon author is unable to continue maintenance of the addon.

New Versions of Your Addon

If you modify the addon you've created with either bug fixes or enhancements, you can email a new copy but be sure to provide a new version number within the addon itself.