Distributing Addons

The ILLiad Addon system contains a feature that allows for easy distribution of addons to client machines using a server share.  By simply setting the value of a customization key named "AddonDirectory" (see image, Creating the AddonDirectory Customization Key), users can drop all desired addons into the directory specified in the "AddonDirectory" key, and the addons will be automatically downloaded and used by all client machines capable of accessing the directory.  In addition, each addon is able to define a version, which allows the sharing system to detect updated addons in the shared directory.  Updated scripts are downloaded automatically to replace outdated local versions.  This occurs every time ILLiad is loaded and each time the Refresh Cache button is clicked in the Manage Addons interface, ensuring that all users are always using the latest addon versions.

In addition to the automated distribution of addons via a server share, it is also possible to easily share addons with other institutions or users that cannot access a server share.  Simply distribute the entire addon folder using whatever distribution model (ftp server, download page, etc) is easiest.  Each user can place the addon folder in their local "Addons" folder and the addon will be picked up the next time ILLiad is opened or the Refresh Cache button is clicked in the Manage Addons interface.

Note that if you have a shared server installation, you can specify a different location for each NVTGC site code or use the same. You just need to create the key for each symbol.

To create the AddonDirectory key in the ILLiad Customization Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Customization table (located under System | General).
  2. Click the New Record button.
  3. Enter the following values to create the key:
    • Cust Key = AddonDirectory
    • Value = [actual directory – i.e. G:\ILLiad\Addons]
    • Description = Remote directory for Addons
    • Admin Cat = System
    • Admin Key = General
    • Admin Type = StringValue
  4. Click the Save button to add the key to the Customization table.