ILLiad CCC GetItNow Service Addon (WebView2 & Chromium)

This addon will use the WebView2 embedded browser in ILLiad 9.2.5 and above. Otherwise, it will use the Chromium embedded browser.

Click here to view a video on using this addon created by the Copyright Clearance Center.

NameCCC GetItNow Service
AuthorIDS Project and Atlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionThe CCC GetItNow Service addon performs a price lookup and allows ordering an article using the CCC GetItNow Service.


Download zip file:


  • CCC Get It Now service account using the mediated workflow. (This account needs to be initiated separately from a standard CCC rights clearance account used in ILLiad's copyright clearing features.)
  • ILLiad WebPlatform configured
  • OCLC Web Services Key & Secret provisioned for the IFM Webservice


Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form.

InstituteStringCollege ID/Name
OrderSourceStringOrderSource for the CCC's GetItNow Service
CCCSendDirectlytoUserBooleanSend the article to the user directly through email. If not checked, the article will be sent to the ILL email account for processing through Odyssey.
ILLEmailStringEmail Address for ILL Staff.
BillToEmailStringEmail address to receive Get It Now invoices.
BillToIFMBooleanUses OCLC IFM for payment of Get It Now requests.
IFMSpendingLimitStringThe maximum amount allowed for an IFM Get It Now request.
IFMSpendingLimitOverrideBooleanAllows you to override the spending limit for individual requests that exceed the IFMSpendingLimit.
UseOdysseyBooleanCheck if you prefer to receive articles by Odyssey. Your Odyssey address will be imported automatically (uncheck to receive by email).
DebugEnabledBooleanSpecifies whether additional debug logging should be written to the ILLiad log file.
GetItNowURLStringThe GetItNow Base URL.