ILLiad CaiaSoft Server Addon

This is a Server Addon and is installed using the ILLiad Customization Manager. See Installing and Configuring ILLiad Server Addons for more information.

NameCaiasoft Remote Storage Integration


AuthorAtlas Systems, Inc.
DescriptionSends circulation requests to CaiaSoft for offsite requests.



Contact Laura Beatham for more information on configuration the CaiaSoft side and to obtain a CaiasoftAPIUrl and APIKey that is necessary to configure the ILLiad addon. Addon settings are configured in the Manage Addons form. The following settings must be set for each instance of the addon:

  • CaiasoftAPIUrl
  • APIKey
  • BarcodeMapping

There are also some custom queues that should be configured depending on the configuration of the addon. With the default settings, you'll want to create the following custom queues in the Customization Manager.

  • Awaiting Offsite Request
  • Awaiting Offsite Delivery
  • Error Processing Request

Caiasoft will also require some additional data about your ILLiad configuration. You should generate a new API key in the ILLiad Web Platform Config table so that Caiasoft can update requests in ILLiad after the addon sends requests. The image below shows an example of the new WebPlatformConfig entry.

Sample WebPlatfomConfig Entry for Caiasoft Integration


CaiasoftAPIUrlString Caiasoft API URL
The API Key for authenticating to the Caiasoft API
BarcodeMappingStringItemNumberThe transaction field that contains the barcode of the material that should be requested via Caiasoft
MonitoredStatusStringAwaiting Offsite RequestThe queue that the addons will monitor for new offsite requests
ProcessedStatusStringAwaiting Offsite DeliveryThe queue that the request will be moved to after the offsite retrieval request has been submitted
ErrorStatusStringError Processing RequestThe queue that the request will be moved to if an error occurs during the offsite requesting process
HistoryEntrySuccessStringCaiaSoft: Request Posted. (Barcode: {barcode})The history entry made when the request is processed by CaiaSoft. Leave blank for no history entry